The wedding in Reavil is a modern format of a celebration in a big way!

Reavil is a banquet!

The main part of a celebration is occupied by a banquet. Many experiences are connected with it, and, moreover, it is the most expensive part of almost any wedding. With special trembling the newly married couple choose the hall that will conform to all their requirements. So, the choice of experienced and connoisseurs of the classics falls on Reavil.

The hall of the restaurant accomodates up to 55 people with various table arrangement. A hall interior is classical, in creamy-brown tones. He will perfectly suit for many scenarios and solutions design of your designers and it is made of the most qualitative and expensive finishing materials.

Our administrators will help you to make the suitable menu, relying on your tastes and the budget. The kitchen of the restaurant offers classical dishes of the Russian and European cuisine and also author's exclusive goose dishes. The festive table is formed at the rate of 1500 rubles per person, without any additional maintenance costs.

You can also complement a table with the fruit and alcoholic beverages.

Reavil is a photoshoot!

One of the most important and pleasant points of a wedding is the photoshoot. To capture long-awaited minutes of a holiday, to keep memoirs for many years and to allow the photographer to create for you masterpieces with your participation — it can't be underestimated.

Where as not in our hotel, you will be able to carry out all this! You can play hundreds of plots and make unique photos, both in hotel, and beyond their limits.

Reavil is a rest!

After one of the most important days in life, with a storm of emotions, baggage of impressions and pleasant fatigue, so there is a wish to have a rest from noise of a party and to spend time with the half. Only present that you don't need to go anywhere, and just to rise in the number, and in the morning, having got enough sleep, to go down for breakfast. For newlyweds numbers of any category from Standard to Luxe are offered. You can also decorate number voluntarily, use it for preparation for a celebration or for a photoshoot.

Reavil is gifts!

Those who has chosen Reavil for the celebration were very lucky, you are waited by gifts! When holding a banquet — the hotel room of category Standart absolutely free of charge or refined number Luxe at a discount of 50% is provided to you! Also you receive a discount of 10% for accommodation of your guests in hotel.

Reavil is a set of successfully held weddings!

Responses of our dear visitors – the certificate that the wedding at Reavil restaurant is a right choice!